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Australian Food Industry Index

The Australian Food Industry Index (AFII), a free service to help you find Australian suppliers, products, co-manufacturers, or service providers to support your innovation, product journey & other F&B queries.

AFII allows you to connect with Australian companies in one central location. Search by categories to find companies -  there's everything from contract manufacturers, testing laboratories to packing and more. Send a connection request to a business that could assist you and they'll be able to reply directly to you.

As a business of products or services you can easily register, we prequalify all companies to ensure they are an Australian registered company with locally made facilities.

Benefits of registration include invites to exclusive domestic & international events, workshops, and forums. The facilitation of in person networking opportunities for the Australian food industry is another value-added reason to join.

Our vision is build a centralised location for all businesses serving the Australian food and beverage sector to connect and grow.

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Australian Made

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Buyers / Guests

Searching AFII to find Australian goods and services

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Suppliers / Manufacturers

Search for Australian food & beverage supplying all food & beverage products including ingredients. Or find a contract manufacturer
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Service Provider

Search companies providing services to industry from packaging to transport

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AFII portal was just launched. With your support in time we can build up all categories.

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