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Sector Competitiveness Plan 2020

The Food and Agribusiness Sector Competitiveness Plan outlines a 10-year vision and strategy for the sector, and a pathway for achieving that vision. 

The updated SCP report identifies some of the challenges and opportunities facing the food and agribusiness (F&A) sector, followed by a discussion on key knowledge priorities. Finally, the SCP highlights regulatory reform areas that impede business’s ability to innovate and grow.

The SCP was developed in response to the federal government identifying the F&A sector as one of six priority areas for the economy. The Industry Growth Centres Initiative (IGCI) was the vehicle to drive the country’s productivity and competitiveness. The SCP aligns with the IGCI priorities, with a particular focus on advocating for innovation and value-adding activities throughout the F&A chain.

This report is reviewed and revised annually to reflect market forces shaping the sector, ensuring it remains current and relevant.

Sharing Knowledge

We combine market information and insights and create relevant and practical knowledge that  can be used make informed commercial decisions.

Building Capability

We inspire growth and business confidence by providing practical skills from industry experts to develop innovative products, processes and access new markets.

Creating Connections

We connect businesses with researchers to kickstart industry investment, foster innovation and encourage new product, process, and technology development.