Business Case Studies

Growing up, having green tea and matcha was part of the daily life for Directors Maria and Gaku. It was special and unique, perhaps they even took it for granted. 

They found attending the Singapore Trade Show with FIAL        excellent and they found FIAL very supportive and organised with export connect stands being built.

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This family-owned business is now run by the 4th generation of the Slim Family, with brother Nathan deciding to focus on crafting exceptional cider and taking it to the world. 

Many ciders are already in the US market, but Nathan is confident their  range speaks for itself. They know we have a wow factor, and it was great to take that to the US market. 

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Launched in 2019, the SME Solutions Centre is an industry-led initiative from the Fight Food Waste CRC, comprised of FIAL investment and administered by Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to assist SMEs to invest in R&D solutions to their food waste challenges.

Montague identified that they had a huge waste within their business. To help combat food waste, Montague and Peters Ice Cream partnered with Woolworths to repurpose imperfect plums that would otherwise end up in landfill into a delicious frozen treat.

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Garlo’s Pies is a fantastic example of a proactive business using FIAL's support to reach new markets. They have articulated their products' unique 'Aussie' qualities and developed uniquely tailored pitches to meet individual buyer needs. 

General Manager Jackson Garlick says as a food business it’s important to have samples available at these trade shows to demonstrate our products taste and quality and illustrate our business’ point of difference. 

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Founded in 1984, Supreme Poultry is Australia’s largest processor of spent hens (old egg-laying hens). 

After Identifying export opportunities in Vietnam, Supreme Poultry registered to exhibit on the FIAL and Investment NSW stand at Food and Hotel Vietnam 2022 (FHV) and is now exporting to one of Vietnam's largest supermarket chains. 

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Source Wellness® is a Sydney-based functional food and beverage company specialising in natural, shot-sized 60mL functional drinks made from a synergistic blend of herbs and botanicals. 

After identifying an increased international demand for functional beverages and botanical ingredients, Founder Arman Soltani enlisted the help of FIAL's Virtual Meet the Buyer events and Trade Show experience to take his business into international waters.

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Wine In A Glass Managing Director,  Michelle Anderson-Sims and her team have been providing single-serve Australian wines in reusable, recyclable plastic cups across the country claiming, “anywhere glass can’t go - this product can”.

In 2020, COVID-19 impacted 95% of business and FIAL’s Virtual Meet the Buyer events with Wine Australia  provided a brilliant opportunity to grow the business and expand internationally.

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Garlicious Grown is raising the profile of black garlic domestically and internationally after perfecting the black garlic flavour profile and product line.

With the help of FIAL’s Australian Food & Beverage Catalogue, Garlicious Grown is now exporting their products around the world, unlocking endless opportunities to continue their expansion.

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Garlo’s Pies has been providing customers with pies, sausage rolls and pastries since its establishment in 2001. 

Garlo’s Pies Sales and Marketing Manager, Bronson Garlick highlights how FIAL’s Virtual Meet the Buyer events have helped the company grow and begin exporting to over five countries.

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SalDoce Fine Foods is thriving, unlocking endless opportunities within the allergen market space with its allergen sensitive baking mixes under the YesYouCan brand.


Managing Director, Martin Talacko, explains how FIAL has helped SalDoce Fine Foods access new markets, and connect with potential buyers.

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Specialising in value-added milk products, Australia’s First Choice is going from strength to strength. 

Damian Gauci, discusses how FIAL's Virtual Meet the Buyer events helped expand their international exporting portfolio and generate long-term supplier-buyer connections.

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Getting a foot in the door is undoubtably the first and most important step to introducing your products into overseas markets. Slim Secret’s Jamie Thurin discusses how important those initial conversations with overseas buyers are and how FIAL can help your business shape up and set them up.

Joining FIAL at THAIFEX and Food and Hotel China in 2019 paid off for Vivalicious. It secured a major domestic distributor and was exposed to on-the-ground market insights that encouraged the company to expand its product range.

FIAL cluster recipient, Food and Agribusiness Network, is ensuring businesses affected by the unfolding coronavirus crisis have access to the resources, solutions & processes needed to meet immediate needs, and address long term impacts. Find out how FAN has responded to COVID-19.

Natural Evolution manufactures natural, gluten-free and highly nutritious food products. All from bananas that would otherwise have gone to waste. Rob and Krista Watkins partnered with Food Innovation Australia Limited to find an innovative use for their on-farm food losses.

From Byron Bay to the UK, Extraordinary Foods is going global.

This is the story of how a Byron Bay-based producer of healthy snacks went from launching in 2013 to a crowd of 400 vegans, to being stocked on shelves all over the UK in 2020.

Morlife have been kicking goals since their inception in 2000; they are Australia's leading manufacturer and innovator of functional foods. Over the past four years, they've teamed up with Food Innovation Australia Limited to help grow their business on a number of occasions.

Melbourne-based company Temptation Bakeries started life twenty-five years ago as a fresh gourmet pie company. Temptation has continued to grow and expand its product offering, and now produces a wide range of pies, quiches and cakes

Maggie Beer has been sharing her delicious range of food products for over 30 years, but she needed the right opportunity to launch a new range into the Australian market - Food Innovation Australia Limited were able to provide that opportunity.

Woodbridge Smokehouse produce some of the world's best smoked ocean trout and Atlantic salmon. With Food Innovation Australia Limited's help, they're continuing to expand their reach into lucrative new export markets.

Mike Opie and Robert Schwaiger are a commercial match made in heaven, creating Aquaworks in 2007. 

With the help of FIAL, they are now dipping their toes into international waters, and they have their hearts set on China as first port.

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