Australian Family Business Going Global

29/09/21 11:43 AM Comment(s) By FIAL

Garlo's Pies

There’s nothing better than an Aussie made pie, and it’s not just customers here that agree. Now exporting around the world - Garlo’s pies are making sure everyone has the chance to taste what all the hype is about.


Garlo’s Pies has been providing Sydneysiders with pies, sausage rolls and pastries since the opening of their first store in Maroubra in 2001. Since then, the business has grown into a thriving enterprise, employing over 120 people, while being stocked in Coles and Woolworths across Eastern Australia and exporting to over five countries.


Sales and Marketing Manager, Bronson Garlick highlights one massive string in Garlo’s Pies bow is its ability to export overseas, being one of a limited number of Australian beef pie companies able to do so. The need to capitalise on such a unique opportunity is not lost on the company, with the continual expansion into overseas markets a major goal of the business for the coming years. With a rich company culture and story to tell, Garlo’s Pies focuses on successfully portraying these values to potential new buyers and ensuring that they understand the core principles of the family-run business. However, the company has sometimes been caught on how best to communicate with potential buyers the unique ‘Aussie’ qualities of their company, whilst also ensuring the pitch presented is uniquely tailored to individual buyers needs and requirements. This establishment of meaningful connections has been further complicated by the business being continually approached by inexperienced and often irrelevant overseas buyers, impacting on the quality of conversations that occur.



By being involved with FIAL through various trade shows and Meet the Buyer events over the years, Garlo’s Pies have increased their ability to effectively showcase their products and brand to potential buyers. Bronson Garlick described these events as “good learning experiences for sure, allowing us to dip our toe in the water on how to structure our presentation, making it engaging and interesting for potential buyers”. With a lot of export enquiries that are made directly to the company described as “very green”, FIAL offers a solution, focusing on setting up personalised meetings, with suitable, certified and experienced buyers, distributors and suppliers. Bronson described the advantages of such meetings, with them being “more structured, with the buyers participating because they really want to, which does increase the overall chance of success”. This was evident when Garlo’s Pies recently attended a FIAL-run VirtualMeet the Buyer initiative, whereby they met with several interested buyers from Korea. With talks still in progress, it gave them insight into just how many opportunities exist when connections with top quality buyers are established.



This overarching increase of quality of connections has been a huge positive for Garlo’s Pies. By participating in a range of FIAL events, the company has further streamlined and refined their product offerings to buyers, being described as by Bronson Garlick as “a good way to develop a pitch and not just have a general brochure to present” while “helping us get fully export ready and giving us a closer to 100% chance of winning buyers over and being able to eventually supply to them”. With a well-developed pitch showcasing the brands character and quality products, and a portfolio of ready and experienced buyers to communicate with- there’s no limit to where Garlo’s Pies will be popping up next.  

Case study developed by Lucy Hickman - Science and Food & Agribusiness Student at the University of Sydney


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