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Food Safety: Governance Guide for directors, executives and business owners

Guiding your business through good food safety practices

Food safety is something we do well and has always been important for Australia’s food producers, manufacturers, and marketers. Our consumers have a legitimate expectation that our food is safe, and our local and international reputations depend upon excellence in food safety outcomes. Our enviable reputation and track record in food safety,                is something we must continue to protect, nurture, and enhance. Food safety also presents a $6 billion growth opportunity for Australia’s food and agribusiness sector by 2030, with the development of responsive and fit-for-purpose systems to reduce food fraud or increase supply chain transparency, food safety testing and biological hazard control.                                                  


Commissioned by FIAL, and prepared by the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology (AIFST), the Food Safety: Governance Guide for directors, executives and business owners is a resource for the food industry and other stakeholders to support food safety governance practices.