Driving growth and collaboration through regional Clusters in the Food and Agribusiness sector

Clusters are a key delivery mechanism for igniting innovative ideas and building the capabilities of the Food and Agribusiness sector to unlock innovation. FIAL is fostering clusters in key Food and Agribusiness regions, running several initiatives and programs to grow the sector.

Cluster Grant Program
Cluster Events

What is a Cluster?

Clusters are regional groups of interconnected businesses, research institutions and government organisations that work to establish local ecosystems of resources, knowledge and relationships to support the growth of small to large businesses to increase the share of Australian food in the global marketplace.

“Clusters enable increased collaboration between businesses to enhance their ability to innovate and value-add beyond what would be possible if operating in isolation. This supercharges the competitiveness of Australia’s businesses, regions and economy.” 

– Dr. Mirjana Prica, FIAL Managing Director

Cluster Grant Program

 FIAL has been instrumental in the establishment of eight regional clusters focused on food and agribusiness.

FIAL has driven the growth of Australian Food and Agribusiness clusters since 2018. FIAL’s Cluster Program, was the first of its kind in Australia providing $3 million in funding, matched with an additional $3 million, allowing for the establishment of four clusters. 

In 2021, FIAL launched another round of funding to support clusters via the Cluster Grant Program. Building on FIAL’s strong track record in establishing clusters, the program will provide a total of $600,000 of funding to four clusters operating within the Food and Agribusiness sector. This support will help unite these clusters with government and researchers to take advantage of market opportunities here and overseas.

2018 Cluster Grant Recipients 

Central Coast Food Alliance

Located in Ourimbah, New South Wales. Funding was received to give the Central Coast region a clearer identity and to grow the current

food and beverage sector.


Located in Hobart, Tasmania.

Funding was received to transform the future

of the Australian Food and Agribusiness economy through

fermentation technologies.

Food & Agribusiness Network

A mature cluster located in Woombye, Queensland. Funding was received to deliver new programs and services to support its members in addressing shared challenges

and opportunities of the region.

Food & Fibre Gippsland

 Located in Gippsland, Victoria. Funding was received to drive value adding, collaborative on-line trading platforms, and brand awareness of the region whilst protecting provenance through intelligent traceability technologies.

2021 Cluster Grant Recipients 

Announcement coming soon

Cluster Reports

European Cluster Visit

Whilst in Europe in 2016, FIAL's Chairman and Managing Director took the opportunity to meet with different cluster leaders, academic experts and government policy makers to learn what principles should be followed to encourage the formation of successful clusters in Australia. 

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Canada’s Protein Supercluster

Australia and Canada are net exporters of food, with both countries turning to clustering as an intervention to address the impediments and opportunities for growth.
This report delves into Canada's aspirational goal to become the favourite protein supplier in the world by utilising clustering.

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TCI Network Global Conference 2017 

In November 2017, FIAL's Chairman and Managing Director travelled to Bogota, Colombia, for the TCI Network’s 20th Anniversary Global Conference.
This report looks into key learnings from the Conference and emerging global cluster trends.

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Cluster Events

TCI Oceania Conference 2022
​4th-6th May 2022 | Cairns, Queensland, Australia

​Spanning three days, the 2022 TCI Oceania Conference will provide a forum for a range of Australian case studies to be presented with a practical focus on relating the learnings to scalable opportunities for participants.

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