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Stay up-to-date with all the latest FIAL and industry associated virtual events including webinars, one-on-one meetings and courses.

National Food Waste Strategy Feasibility Study Launch

The results of the National Food Waste Strategy Feasibility Study are in. Join us online, to learn how everyone along the food supply chain can contribute to recovering food and reducing waste.

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Food Safety Governance for Directors

The online workshop, is designed to provide a governance overview for Directors, Executives and senior management of food manufacturing and supply businesses based in Australia. 

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 Win-Win Negotiations

The Win-Win Negotiations webinar aims to give Australian Food and Agribusinesses the ‘how-to’ and knowledge to effectively engage and negotiate with retailers.

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Events Calendar

September 2021
September 2021
 1st  ATSE event: Advances in Agriculture and Food ProductionWebinar
  • Dr Mirjana Prica
  • John Harvey
2nd  FIAL event: National Food Waste Strategy Feasibility Study launchWebinar
  • Mirjana Prica
  • Carolyn Cameron
  • The Hon Trevor Evans MP
  • Max Van Biene
  • Dr Steven Lapidge
  • Amanada Kane
  • Mischa Hutchinson
 22ndWin-Win Negotiations Webinar
  • Rod Arenas
  • Neil Rechlin