• AgriGate

    End-to-end tracking of goods improving trade for Australia

Using technology to digitalise supply chains, improving coordination, production and supply chain efficiency, food journey transparency, reduce losses and improve cross-border trade for the food and agribusiness sector.

AgriGate is an exporter and facilitator for exporting premium beef, lamb, dairy, and exotic fruit and vegetables. It built a distributed ledger technology to enable end-to-end tracking of perishable products. This allows it to provide real-time, quality reports to key stakeholders in the supply chain. The tracking system is directed towards solving problems relating to counterfeiting, and providing transparency at each stage of the supply chain. 

Using more efficient supply chains improves profitability at the farmgate by increasing consumer confidence in the quality of Australian products, benefitting Australia’s agriculture and rural industries. 

Believing there was too much of a bias towards large retailers who aren’t geared towards profits for rural producers, the business has changed the whole supply chain. It has cut out the middle man, and delivers fresh produce straight from the farm to shoppers’ doors. 

AgriGate has patented its technology, enabling real-time traceability of products. This has ensured transparency, efficiency, and quality in their service. 

Global expansion also presents an opportunity for the business. Looking to take their reach into new markets across the globe, AgriGate participated in FIAL’s Meet the Buyer program, securing seven meetings with buyers, and introductions to Asia. Participation in the program has fast-tracked their progress into entering new markets. 

This case study is from FIAL's 2022 edition of Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations 2022

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