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Cluster Grant Program 2021

About the Cluster Grant Program

The Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre, trading as FIAL, is delighted to launch the Cluster Grant Program 2021. This one-of-a-kind program provides matched funding of $150,000 to four eligible Cluster Applicants across our nation's food and agribusiness sector. The funding provided is to help businesses, government and researchers unite to tackle challenges in regions and/or cities. By working together for the common good, stakeholders in the cluster can take advantage of market opportunities either domestically or overseas.

The Cluster Grant Program is inspired by FIAL's exciting findings in the Capturing the Prize: The A$200 Billion Opportunity for the Australian Food and Agribusiness Sector. These opportunities can help future-proof Australian businesses and equip them with the right insights to focus on areas of high growth potential.


Key information:

1.  New and existing Clusters are invited to apply (a Host Organisation may apply on behalf of a new Cluster)

2.  Applications should focus on the strategic position, vision, and the growth potential of the Cluster within the contexts of Australia, and overseas.

3.  The Cluster Grant Program provides matched funding to eligible applicants (Clusters) to the value of $150,000.  Applicants (Cluster Applicants) with eligible projects of a minimum of $300,000 are encouraged to apply.  Applications requesting funding of less than $150,000 are not eligible. 

4.  A minimum of 50 per cent of the $150,000 Cluster grant (i.e. $75,000) must be matched in cash and the remaining 50 per cent may be matched with in-kind contributions. Government sources (State, Territory and Local) can provide a maximum of $37,500 of cash towards the cash contributions of the Cluster Applicant. 

5.  Supporting organisations, with an ACN, can complete the application on behalf of new Clusters. However, if successful the Cluster will need to be incorporated as Legal Entity with an ACN, prior to signing an agreement with FIAL. 

6.  The funding can be used across several eligible activities (including to purchase capital). However, legal fees, project plan fees, strategic and market planning fees, and other similar expenditure, are not eligible. 

7.  Training is a key part of the Cluster Grant Program. Having the right skills, knowledge and capabilities will help build momentum and create a sustainable Cluster that continues to thrive and outlives the grant funding.  As such 5 per cent to a maximum of 10 per cent of the project must be for training purposes. 

8.  Projects must be completed within 12 months and although some reporting obligations may exist, the reporting is simple and commensurate to the grant amount.

9.  To be eligible, Cluster Applicants must align their projects to FIAL's Growth Centre objectives, including at least ONE of the 19 opportunities identified in FIAL's Capturing the Prize, as well as CSIRO's Advanced Manufacturing Roadmap and the Federal Government's Food and Beverage National Manufacturing Priority road map.

10.  Finally, proposals should focus on the market insights and provide evidence of customer, consumer, or market pull, including the Cluster’s functional region or city, and their growth challenges.


Applicants must review the Cluster Program Guidelines prior to submitting an Expression of Interest. For any questions relating to eligibility, please reach out to our friendly team at 

Expressions of Interest close on 31st May 2021 (COB)