• Capturing the Prize

    Our $18 billion  food loss and waste  opportunity
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    Opportunities to reduce food loss and waste throughout the supply chain (primary producers, manufacturers and consumers), improve sustainability of production and supply and develop viable value added end products from what is currently wasted.​

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The 2030 opportunity

$18 billion+

in value-added opportunity by 2030


new jobs in the in the sector

The road to 2030

Detailed roadmap

Today's producers, tomorrow's leaders

Savio Healthy Innovations

The Savio family have been growing apples in Queensland’s Granite Belt for over 70 years. They have transformed from apple producer to creator of a unique new product offering, a drinkable whole apple in a bottle.

Plantation Brew Co.

Krista and Rob Watkins have a history of turning waste into profits. Known for their Natural Evolution brand of products including a green banana flour, the pair have turned their hand to distilling and created an Australian-first spirit.


Based in the Australian Capital Territory, Goterra uses insects to convert food waste into feed and in doing so they have created a regional solution for managing consumer and agricultural food waste.