• Capturing the Prize

    Our $45 billion health and wellness opportunity

    Leverages the growing number of health-conscious consumers - the affluent ‘worried well’ – through innovative new product development of wholesome foods supported by scientific evidence and clear nutritional guidelines but not targeting a specific health need.

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The 2030 opportunity

$45 billion+

in value-added opportunity by 2030


new jobs in the  in the sector

The road to 2030

Detailed roadmap

Today's producers, tomorrow's leaders

Natural Evolution

Natural Evolution is run by the Watkins family who are second-generation banana farmers. It produces a range of health and beauty products made from banana waste. 

SalDoce Fine Foods

Cristina and Martin Talacko founded SalDoce Fine Foods in 2000, beginning their journey manufacturing and selling savoury gluten-free cheese puffs to fulfil a market gap surrounding gluten allergies.

The Australian Superfood Co

The Australian Superfood Co has become a key supplier of native produce to food and beverage makers, cosmetic manufacturers, hospitality venues, hotels and airlines throughout Australia and the world.

Land of Plenty Food Group

Land of Plenty Food Co is a manufacturer of premium foods and award-winning brands including the Our Family Table range of oven ready gluten free crumbed seafood

Sea Health Products

Jo Lane believes in the health benefits of seaweed. As the owner of Sea Health Products, she relies on hand-harvested kelp to produce her range of nutrient-rich products.