• Capturing the Prize

    Our $2 billionprotected cropping opportunity
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    Targets rising concern around climate change and food security by boosting production of horticultural crops within, under or sheltered by structures that provide modified growing conditions and/ or protect against pests, diseases and adverse weather.

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The 2030 opportunity

$2 billion+

in value-added opportunity by 2030

The road to 2030

Detailed roadmap

Today's producers, tomorrow's leaders


Flavorite is one of Australia’s largest glasshouse producers of fresh fruit and vegetables. Flavorite grow, market, distribute and supply premium fresh produce which is full of flavour both nationally and internationally.

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Stahmann Farms

Stahmann Farms produces, processes and supplies quality tree nut products for both domestic and international markets. Since creating the Southern Hemisphere’s first commercial pecan farm in the 60s, Stahmann has maintained a reputation for excellence driven by a philosophy of continual improvement.

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Vortex Insect Control Systems

Vortex Insect Control Systems offers environmentally-friendly pest management solutions used in agricultural systems. The Vortex Insect Trap attracts night flying insect pests, traps and kills them.

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