Capturing the Prize: New South Wales

The food and agribusiness opportunity in New South Wales could be worth almost AUD$50 billion by 2030 in value-added, resulting in 223,000 jobs

Taken together, the value of the 19 opportunities assessed in this study could be worth AUD50 billion in New South Wales by 2030, in terms of value-added. In perspective, this is over three times the current value-added by the Food and Agribusiness sector in New South Wales. These opportunities could result in 223,000 jobs, including the creation of more than 88,400 jobs – 65 per cent higher than the size of the state’s food and agribusiness workforce today. On both metrics related to the size of the opportunity – value-added and employment – New South Wales ranks the highest among all states and territories in Australia. Pre-farm gate opportunities constitute over half of potential value-added and jobs created. Export markets account for 22 per cent of these opportunities, while the share of the domestic opportunity that caters to improving production standards is thrice as large as domestic consumption-related opportunities.