Capturing the Prize: Queensland

The food and agribusiness opportunity in Queensland could be worth almost AUD$43 billion by 2030 in value added, resulting in 176,000 jobs

Taken together, the value of the 19 opportunities assessed in Capturing the Prize for Queensland could be worth AUD$43 billion by 2030, in terms of value added. In perspective, this is nearly four times the current value added by the food and agribusiness sector in Queensland. These opportunities could result in 176,000 jobs, including the creation of 42,800 new jobs - this is around 30 percent higher than the state's food and agribusiness workforce today. On both metrics related to the size of the opportunity – value added and employment – Queensland ranks third among all states and territories in Australia, behind New South Wales and Victoria. Pre-farmgate opportunities constitute over half of potential value added and jobs created. Export markets account for a third of the opportunities, while 38 percent cater to improving production standards and supply chain capacity domestically. 

Introducing Queensland businesses to new markets

Queensland is globally recognised for its world-leading food and agricultural products. It is a region spanning both tropical and sub-tropical climates enabling a range of fresh produce all year round.  It combines a rich farming history with the latest in growing technologies and innovation to bring safe, nutritious and delicious food to your doorstep. Food manufacturers in the region are capitalising on the available high quality agricultural produce to create exceptional food and beverage products.

The Queensland Food & Beverage Export Catalogue connects international buyers with world-class Queensland food and beverage companies and provides business matching opportunities to Queensland exporters ready to take their products to global markets.