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Supporting Entrepreneurship in the Food and Agribusiness Industry

A review of accelerators and incubators (A&I) providing support to food and agribusiness (F&A) entrepreneurs reveals there are many public and private entities spanning a wide variety of structures and business models. Over the past two to five years, there has been an influx of new A&I support entities working either directly or indirectly with the F&A entrepreneurs. 

The A&I ecosystem is highly heterogeneous, often with conflicting commercial goals. A&I also operate in an increasingly competitive environment to attract start-ups and crucial funding. This leads to a decreased willingness to co-operate, and share practices and know-how. Initiatives are often similar and uncoordinated. Although there are real success stories, A&I are not operating effectively to deliver optimal results for the investment. 

Key insights from 2019 of our supporting Entrepreneurship in the Food and Agribusiness Industry program

For a summarised version, view our infographic: Accelerator and Incubator Support in Australia's F&A sector

In 2023, we have reviewed the state of support for entrepreneurship in Australia's food and ag sector for Accelerators and Incubators.

Sharing Knowledge

We provide valued insights stakeholders from across the agri-food value chain need to make informed decisions.

Building Capability

We design and deliver industry-led workshops to equip food and agribusinesses with the capabilities and skills to capitalise on growth opportunities.

Creating Connections

We connect food and agribusinesses with the research expertise, funding and export markets needed to harness opportunities.