• Capturing the Prize

    Our $17 billion  soil, water and land management opportunity
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    Opportunities to incentivise and monetise on-farm soil, land and water management practices that deliver soil rehabilitation, increased biodiversity and/or improved value added primary produce.​

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The 2030 opportunity

$17 billion+

in value-added opportunity by 2030


new jobs in the in the sector

The road to 2030

Detailed roadmap

Today's producers, tomorrow's leaders


Bioaction has developed an alternative wastewater treatment method that utilises nanobubble technology to entrain higher rates of oxygen in wastewater, improving treatment efficiency and significantly reducing energy use.

MPT Agtech

MPT AgTech builds smart machines for large-scale farming operations. By bringing an analytical focus to the agriculture sector, the company has solved an interrelated set of challenges presented by the currently available seeding alternatives.

Indicinia (SWAN Systems)

SWAN Systems is a cost-effective, hardware-independent, online data analytics platform to optimise and manage water and nutrient application.