Integrated Agribusiness

09/12/21 09:59 AM Comment(s) By FIAL

Austrgrains | Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations 2021 

Austgrains is a diversified integrated agribusiness that specialises in the commercialisation and supply of the latest seed and grain technologies. It has a multi-pronged goal: to enable improved agronomy sustainability, to deliver enhanced grain value-add functionality and to support enriched nutritional benefit of wholegrains and clean label ingredient supply to consumers. 

The company is influenced by three constants within an ever-changing agricultural and food manufacturing landscape: a fundamental need for food security, high demand for functional foods and the need for quality supply chains that tell the provenance story. 

Austgrains has evolved by tapping into the next generation and identifying future market and industry trends, with a consumer-led focus on health and wellbeing and the desire of primary producers to improve farm gate metrics to include yield and markets. That forward-looking mindset and an emphasis on innovation drives Austgrains to focus on support of the core strategic environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles of its clients. 

Every producer has mandates to meet — including dealing with seasonal variation, carbon sustainability, improved water management, chemical usage, pest or disease control and maintaining the integrity of provenance — so the Austgrains team works with their customer base to implement process and practice improvements that will deliver broader farm-wide benefits and ensure principal ESG directives are met. 

Since the 1970s, Austgrains has developed its ethos — and offering — away from the commodity- driven principles of procurement and supply, into a holistic approach based on experience, innovation and investment in research, bolstered by quantifiable market intelligence. 

Thomas Hannam from Austgrains says that FIAL’s assistance and working relationship has provided benefit to the company in multiple ways. 

“The support of FIAL has been important from an information and access perspective, opening doors to networking opportunities, market intelligence, invaluable assistance with research and navigating commercial challenges both domestically and internationally,” he said.