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13/10/20 02:52 PM Comment(s) By FIAL

Life Health Foods | Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations 2020


Life Health Foods creates innovative plant-based foods. When the company recognised the burgeoning interest in proteins from meat alternatives, it conceived a new brand — the Alternative Meat Co.

Protein, a key component of plants and meat, is an important macro-nutrient that is critical to almost every bodily function, often referred to as the building block of life. With the increasing per capita income of the consuming classes and a greater awareness of the nutritional value of what they eat, consumers are basing their purchasing decisions on factors such as personal lifestyle choices, existing health conditions, affordability of the food and ethical reasons. These factors are also influencing consumer shifts to plant-based diets.


AMC recognised that consumers don’t necessarily want to compromise. Many still desire a ‘meat’ style menu, so it developed a product that would replicate the animal protein cooking and dining experience. This resulted in a range of products including burgers, sausages and mince with a similar texture, flavour and appearance as meat. Made from pea protein, soy protein and wheat, AMC products completely match the experience, delivering similar sounds and smells and even releasing juices during the cooking process.

This design was only possible with application of new technology and machinery, which AMC was sourcing while simultaneously developing the range. GM Dean Epps said the rapid pace of innovation in plant-based alternatives for fast moving consumer goods is akin to working in the tech sector, with subsequent iterations already in development.


Part of the AMC philosophy is to source locally where possible and to make a positive contribution to the local regional economy — a goal facilitated in no small part through CCFA membership and access to the network it provides.

As the first Australian brand to launch plant-based alternatives into the Coles meat category, AMC is enjoying solid growth, with future plans

including a range extension to incorporate other meat-style products.

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