Dysphagia Cup 

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Flavour Creations | Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations 2020


Dysphagia — difficulty or discomfort in swallowing— is usually the result of an underlying medical cause such as a neurological or degenerative neuromuscular disorder. These conditions tend to be predominant in the elderly, with an estimated 40–50% of those in long-term aged-care facilities experiencing some degree of dysphagia.


The range of potential consequences arising from dysphagia is extensive: discomfort, coughing and choking are all commonplace and infection or pneumonia can develop from food or fluid entering the lungs caused by swallowing difficulty. There is an additional associated risk of dehydration and malnutrition, as the individual experiences an inability to adequately ingest liquids or food.


An inability to easily open or hold food packaging disempowers patients, leaving them reliant on others for simple tasks.



In 1997 Bernadette Eriksen started Flavour Creations with the aim of addressing dysphagia patient needs. After seven years of research and development, the company launched the innovative Dysphagia Cup, with accessible features that facilitate self-feeding in patients who struggle to hold or open traditional packaging designs.


The cup’s design incorporates an easy-to-read foil label with external ribbing and embossed texture to assist with manual grip. These features make the product easier to open and hold, allowing greater autonomy and restoring dignity in those who rely on carers to aid in simple tasks, like drinking a glass of water.


The easy-peel foil lid features an extended pull tab, enabling users of all ages and dexterity levels to easily open the lid. The cup rim design minimises liquid leakage through poor lip control and the unique angled cup shape allows contents to be sipped without requiring any neck extension. The patented Dysphagia Cup design meets and or exceeds criteria outlined in Arthritis Australia’s Packaging Design Accessibility Guidelines.



Recognised as a pioneer in dysphagia management, Flavour Creations consistently delivers innovative solutions. The Dysphagia Cup was Awarded Silver in the Accessible Packaging Design category at the PIDA 2019 Awards because it offers a better patient experience, empowering individuals to comfortably feed themselves while minimising malnutrition.


The Dysphagia Cup delivers a better patient experience by empowering individuals to comfortably feed themselves, while subsequently minimising malnutrition and hydration rates. The product design reduces individual waste through minimisation of spillage and dribbling, while additionally minimising facility wastage through provision of a portion-controlled, shelf-stable ready-to-drink solution complete with a self-sealing lid that can be safely refrigerated for up to 24 hours.


Dysphagia Cup and lids are made of fully recyclable polypropylene, in line with Flavour Creation’s commitment to sustainable packaging targets.

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