Regional Gourmet Experiences

01/12/21 01:47 PM Comment(s) By FIAL

Gourmet Coast Food Trail | Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations 2021 

The NSW Far South Coast features some of the state’s most picturesque countryside, where verdant pastures meet the deep blue of the Pacific. It’s also home to a growing number of farmers, food producers, winemakers and distillers who are keen to augment the region’s seasonal tourism numbers and create a year-round foodie destination that attracts visitors beyond the traditionally busy summer months. 

When truffle farmer Fiona Kotvojs, tomato grower Greg Lissaman and winemaker Lucy Wilson looked at other food and wine destinations, they realised that few boast the variety found in their area. They realised promotion of the region as an experienced-based destination was an attractive proposition. 

The plan for the Gourmet Coast Food Trail called for a website to market member offerings and experiences including farm tours, food and wine tastings, producer dinners, meet-the-maker get-togethers, cooking classes and more. 

Fiona believes development of the Gourmet Coast Food Trail will deliver the clear identity currently lacking in the region and provide opportunity for businesses to capitalise on increased consumer interest in provenance and food production. 

When Fiona learned about FIAL, she applied for a grant to get things off the ground and the funding has been instrumental in progressing the concept. 

“The member businesses are contributing, but after a year that saw tourism ravaged by bushfire, floods and pandemic, everyone is really stretched and this funding made all the difference,” Fiona said. 

It enabled the team to get the word out and identify the initial 10 Food Trail member businesses, to run workshops, develop marketing plans and to start working through the complexities presented by the self-driven ‘package-building’ approach the Food Trail website needed to accommodate. 

The Gourmet Coast Food Trail launched in 2021, with a focus on local tourism. Future plans include the introduction of more member companies and a program to attract international visitors when travel returns to normal.