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Spiralz Fermented Foods | Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations 2020


Prior to establishing Spiralz Fermented Foods, founder Michelle Amor had a keen interest in health and in providing nutritious food for her family. When faced with a chronic condition diagnosis, Michelle chose to take a holistic approach, focusing on the link between gut microbiome and health. With fermented foods recognised for beneficial high probiotic content, Michelle was soon making

sauerkraut in her home kitchen and quickly realising the product’s broader appeal. Before long, the business outgrew its home-based environment and moved into commercial premises.


What began in a home kitchen is now a fully fledged business offering a range of clean, raw, vegan fermented foods and tonics that are gluten and dairy-free.

Produced in a purpose-built raw food commercial kitchen and ferment room, Spiralz products contain only organic vegetables, herbs and spices. Unlike refrigerated sauerkraut products that typically use a starter culture, the longer traditional fermentation process employed by Spiralz generates a more palatable product that is intense in both colour and flavour — a distinct competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded market. Spiralz’ vegan kimchi omits widely used ingredients including fish sauce, ensuring it aligns with the raw food and additive-free philosophy of the brand. A range of long-fermented concentrated probiotic tonics rounds out the offering.


Born out of personal circumstance, the Spiralz mission is to educate and inspire, as evidenced in the raw food corporate workshops the team regularly hosts.

Through its relationship with CCFA, Spiralz Fermented Foods was selected to take part in the Seeds of Change accelerator program designed to help early-stage Australian food-focused companies fast-track growth and build a healthier and more sustainable future, receiving financial assistance and a tailored mentoring program.

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