Tea Fiz

01/12/21 01:36 PM Comment(s) By FIAL

Mayfield Global | Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations 2021

The beverage market is crowded with me-too products and little true innovation. When the team at Mayfield Global decided to take it on, they knew they wanted to develop a product that would stand out as something genuinely new and different. 

Research showed there was demand for a carbonated green tea-based drink, in both domestic and Asian export markets. Mayfield also wanted to develop a healthier beverage choice that was low in calories without any added sugar, artificial colours or flavours. 

Initial product development showed that traditional natural sugar alternatives create an unpalatable aftertaste when mixed with green tea, something that could not be masked with the addition of natural flavours. 

New product development is difficult for any small business, food and beverage producers included. Limited budgets and a lack of access to industry expertise or available technologies can considerably extend the development cycle and render the process unviable. 

When Mayfield realised that commonly used natural sweeteners were not suitable for its Tea Fiz range, the process to identify a suitable ingredient began. 

With the assistance of FIAL through the Building Healthier Foods grant, Mayfield was able to identify a low-calorific natural option that provided the required sweetness without the taint or aftertaste exhibited by other alternatives. 

The Tea Fiz range of lightly carbonated beverages is available in five flavours including apple, lemon, peach, lemongrass and green tea. With no added sugar, artificial colours or flavours, Tea Fiz offers discerning consumers a healthier option. 

The Mayfield Global team also wanted the product to lead the industry in sustainability, packaging the product in aluminium cans made from 68% recycled aluminium which, unlike plastic bottle alternatives, are 100% recyclable upon disposal.