NOMU Noms Sustainable Plant-based Chocolate

13/10/20 02:42 PM Comment(s) By FIAL

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When Brigid Woolnough and the team at KOKOPOD were searching for an alternative packaging solution for the boutique manufacturer’s high-quality handcrafted chocolate products, they inadvertently set out on a path to creating an entirely new product range.

KOKOPOD blends art and science with the best Australian produce, to deliver multi-award winning chocolates that are supplied to retailers across Australia and internationally.

While seeking an alternative to plastic-based packaging for the KOKOPOD brand, it became increasingly apparent that consumer demand was intrinsically linked to the highly visual presentation only see-through packaging could provide. Rather than compromise on that need, the team determined that a homecompostable packing alternative would be better suited to a vegan chocolate offering produced only using ethically sourced plant-based ingredients.


The NOMU Noms pocket-sized treats feature roasted macadamia nuts available in a range of delicious coatings including Classic Milk and Extra Dark non-dairy chocolate, as well as White Chocolate pairings with Coconut and Passionfruit. The inventive Strawberry & Balsamic and Raspberry & Beetroot combinations round out the range.

The three films used to produce the packaging are derived from sustainably produced wood pulp and GM-free corn sources, and each film has been certified to either the European or Australian home compostable standards. A rigorous testing process proved it will degrade to its natural components in as little as 28 weeks.


At the heart of every KOKOPOD product is the drive to meet changing market needs and demands. As consumers become more conscious in their product choices as they relate to health and the environment, the KOKOPOD team has the flexibility and versatility to quickly pivot and respond with options that meet those needs.

That pivot has also led to new collaborations, with ingredients including nuts, strawberries and raspberries used in the NOMU Noms range sourced from local suppliers from the FAN network.

KOKOPOD will continue to innovate thanks to a recently announced federal government grant that will be used to upgrade specialist equipment.

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