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13/10/20 02:28 PM Comment(s) By FIAL

The Tasmanian Food Co | Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations 2020


Tasmania is home to amazing premium foodstuffs and many technically capable producers, but for every retail success story, countless more struggle to move beyond the farm gate.

For regional producers, common constraints include a lack of capital to grow the business, inadequate management systems to standardise production and improve consistency (and the resources required to run them) or an inability to actively sell — a critical factor for products that lack sufficient local market.

Though tourism can artificially — or seasonally — inflate the numbers and help develop a sense of connection between product and consumer, real growth depends on those one-off sales being backed by year-round availability through established channels.


The Tasmanian Food Co offers a complementary stable of brands all performing at the top of their field; from ethical free-range chicken to rich creams and butters, smooth goat’s cheese to Australia’s own rare, fresh wasabi.

As a successful place of origin brand, the Tasmanian Food Co has carefully selected suppliers that share the company’s dedication to sustainability and craftsmanship, delivering products that are grown and raised using raw ingredients as nature intended, free of chemicals and pesticides to create fresh, delicious, pure food.

The Tasmanian Food Co understands that selling a premium product requires a twofold value proposition: it must be consistent, which means using documented systems and processes that deliver uniform output, and the consumer must get a sense of the true value to them. Where small producers often advertise process-specific ‘benefits’, the company believes that actual product attributes like flavour and feel are what deliver value to discerning customers.


With a commitment to local growers and a paddock to plate ethos, The Tasmanian Food Co helps showcase the artisans and farmers blending cutting-edge techniques with age-old traditions to create some of the finest fresh produce in the world, opening up new markets that would otherwise be out of reach for many small producers.

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