Camel Milk Skincare

01/12/21 01:33 PM Comment(s) By FIAL

QCamel | Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations 2021

Lauren Brisbane’s interest in camels as a potential avenue to food production developed decades ago in Western Queensland in the middle of severe drought. While she had connections to the cattle industry, Lauren began to investigate animals she thought may be better suited to Australia’s harsh climate. After a two-year study, she settled on camels, attracted initially from a social and ethical point of view, but also able to see where food industry trends were headed. 

A self-described ‘A to B’ person, Lauren was already looking 10 years down the track and seeing a future that placed high value on organic, nutrient- dense foods that supported gut health. Beginning with a fundamentally different approach to animal production that understands the emotional and physical needs of its herd, Lauren quickly grew QCamel into a flourishing business and the world’s only certified organic camel milk producer. 

The same innovative approach has seen the product offering grow to include a new range of QCamel skincare products that represent years of research into the therapeutic benefits of the base product. The products’ naturally occurring AHAs, vitamins and minerals are further enhanced by individual native botanicals, chosen for the restorative properties. 

The range was years in the making, with the final stages — including marketing — accelerated thanks to funding from FIAL via the Black Saturday grant program. Lauren identified the opportunity while searching for partners that could help commercialise the innovative products she was keen to bring to market. Not one to rest on her laurels, Lauren’s attention has turned once again to new product development, with something in the wings she promises will be quite significant. 

The QCamel philosophy follows development from the paddock to the end consumer, delivering Australian-made products that utilise 100% local ingredients, sourced in a cruelty-free and sustainable way. Expanding both export sales and the domestic market, the QCamel Skincare range is also undergoing Halal accreditation, further broadening its appeal. 

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