• Pana Organic

    Plant-based, environmentally conscious chocolate that can be enjoyed by all

Leverages the growing number of health-conscious consumers – the affluent ‘worried well’ – through innovative new product development of wholesome foods supported by scientific evidence and clear nutritional guidelines but not targeting a specific health need e.g. a whole apple in single-serve juice.

Pana Organic is a Melbourne-based team passionate about creating delicious, vegan, organic food that’s full of nourishing goodness for both people and the planet. Every product is certified vegan and organic, endorsed by Coeliac Australia, and can be enjoyed consumers with a range of dietary requirements and preferences. 

This universal appeal has seen Pana Organic go from strength to strength, capturing the interest of an increasingly health-conscious consumer market. Amplifying their appeal further, they have made an enduring commitment to environmental principles across all operations. 

Pana Organic’s conscious approach to packaging has been lauded, with a commitment to sustainable sourcing and material, even at the cost of aesthetics or profit. 

Pana Organic’s drink blend range is the first in category to use a pioneering composite pack with an integrated printed layer. A blend of virgin label paper, recycled paperboard, and PE/foil combination, it is made from up to 70% recycled material. It is also 25% lighter than the traditional composite cans, delivering cost, transport and recycling benefits. 

In partnership with Zipform Packaging, Pana Organic won an Australasian Packaging Innovation & Design Award (PIDA) from the Australian Institute of Packaging (AIP), and a WorldStar Packaging Award from the World Packaging Organisation (WPO). 

Pana Organic’s products are sold in countries around the world in premium health food shops, cafes, delis, hotels, department stores, supermarkets and food purveyors. The company has experienced strong growth since starting in 2012, and is showing no signs of slowing down. 

‘Love your insides. Love the Earth’ was created as a consumer-facing brand proposition, but it’s also the driving force behind how Pana Organic approaches their work. Pana Organic ensures their products, processes and manufacturing activities address health and environmental concerns while maintaining a profit. 

Their brand design positions Pana Organic as a premium vegan brand, with an aesthetically strong shelf presence, standing out in this category. 

As consumer desire for health and environmentally conscious products increases, Pana Organic is primed for growth.

This case study is from FIAL's 2022 edition of Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations 2022 

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