• Rainforest Bounty

    Leveraging the power of superfoods from Australian native rainforest fruit products

Leverages the growing number of health-conscious consumers – the affluent ‘worried well’ – through innovative new product development of wholesome foods supported by scientific evidence and clear nutritional guidelines but not targeting a specific health need e.g. a whole apple in single-serve juice.

Rainforest Bounty sustainably and ethically commercialises Australian native fruits and botanicals. Although Australian native fruits are tens of thousands of years old, commercialising them is relatively new. 

It is a vertically integrated food and agriculture business, sourcing fruit from its properties in Tropical North Queensland and selling wholesale as well as creating value-added food and drink products. Australian native fruit products not only taste great but are nutritious, safe, and have strong sustainability credentials. These are all attractive qualities for the increasingly healthy and environmentally conscious consumer. 

The business is expanding into products like kombucha that have national and export potential. In 2021, it manufactured over 1.5 tonnes of conserves, and doubled its sale of consumer goods in six months. 

Demand currently outstrips the supply of native fruits, and the potential for export of farm gate and value-added products is growing. The native fruit industry is currently estimated at $81.5 million and is expected to double by 2025. 

The business has shifted over recent years, from a group of growers with a common interest to an efficient farming and orchard business model. Rainforest Bounty bought and upgraded its own manufacturing facilities close to the orchards, and developed a new supply and distribution model for its products to address the challenge of accessing fruit supply and markets from its base in regional Queensland. It appointed new growers and ‘Rep-stributors’ (half rep and half distributor) across Australia and internationally. These agents are paid commission on sales and provide Rainforest Bounty with important consumer insights. Specialist advice was provided by FIAL and AusIndustry. 

Its agricultural system allows for rainforest regeneration, carbon sequestration and biodiversity restoration. As consumer desire for environmentally conscious health products unique to Australia increases, Rainforest Bounty is primed for growth, domestically and overseas. 

This case study is from FIAL's 2022 edition of Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations 2022 

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