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Cluster Grant Program 2021: Media Release
FIAL is providing new funding to build on the successful Cluster Program. $600,000 in matched-funding will be available to new and existing agri-food clusters across Australia, supporting their ability to capture growth opportunities.
05/05/21 11:33 AM - Comment(s)
Premium Australian Beef Products
Under the guidance of current proprietor Charlie Mort the company is a lot feeding specialist, offering supply chain services to producers and graziers, and providing premium Wagyu and Black Angus beef products to customers worldwide.
26/04/21 11:28 AM - Comment(s)
Connecting Australian export-ready suppliers with qualified buyers in a virtual setting
FIAL’s Virtual Meet the Buyer events provide export-ready Australian food and agribusinesses the opportunity to secure a one-to-one virtual meeting with interested buyers in key markets around the globe.
22/04/21 12:49 AM - Comment(s)
Ready-to-eat Fresh-cut Produce
Story Fresh recognised a market need for cut, washed and packaged product, supplied as a ready-to-eat (RTE) option for the QSR, cafe, restaurant and food service markets.
14/04/21 03:46 PM - Comment(s)
Autonomous Agriculture Technology
SwarmFarm incorporates small, lightweight autonomous robots that can operate as a single unit in an orchard or in a multiple ‘swarm’ array on a massive scale.
08/04/21 09:22 AM - Comment(s)
Easy-open Cup Range
SPC ProVital’s cup range was a world-first packaging innovation, receiving Arthritis Australia’s highest possible accessibility rating and Easy-to-Open certification.
01/04/21 01:29 PM - Comment(s)
Modern Manufacturing Initiative 
The Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre, trading as Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL), welcomes today’s release of the Food & Beverage Roadmap under the Australian Government’s $1.3B Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI) by Ministers Andrews and Littleproud.
29/03/21 03:01 PM - Comment(s)
Autonomous Citrus Harvester
Seeing the challenges faced by Riverina citrus growers, specifically the difficulties in acquiring and cultivating a dependable workforce to harvest produce, Patrick Edwards new he could help.
24/03/21 01:15 PM - Comment(s)
Pod Snack Foods
Seeing opportunity to value add and believing in quality through every step of the supply chain, the Pangkarra Foods range has grown to include nutritious protein-rich snack alternatives made from chickpeas, faba beans and broad beans that meet with the demands of today’s health conscious consumer.
12/03/21 01:28 PM - Comment(s)
Meal Solutions Ready-to-eat Egg Products
Sunny Queen Farms has been producing Australian eggs for over 80 years. In 2007, the company identified a market need for a quicker and easier way to enjoy eggs, as consumers increasingly wanted a convenient and nutritious meal option that required minimal preparation and cooking.
09/03/21 08:59 AM - Comment(s)
Oxygen Absorbing Pouch
When a smallgoods client sought to review existing packaging, Metalprint was asked for a solution that would be less generic. Extension of product shelf life was a key requirement, as was a way to address consumer demand for a more user-friendly portion-managed solution.
03/03/21 12:05 PM - Comment(s)
Diversified Dairy and Sustainable Brewery
Hamish Coates comes from a long line of farmers. His family has been running a mix of dairy and beef cattle in WA’s Busselton for five generations.
22/02/21 10:03 AM - Comment(s)
Preventative Monitoring Platform
The BioScout platform has been proven to detect a range of diseases and pathogens across many fruit and nut crops and the team hopes to finalise commercialisation within the next few months.
15/02/21 09:44 AM - Comment(s)
Premium Kangaroo Meats
Macro Meats was established in 1987 and now controls the world's largest retail distribution of Australian kangaroo and wild game meat.
10/02/21 11:59 AM - Comment(s)
Dysphagia Cup 
Flavour Creations promotes the restoration of dignity and independence to individuals experiencing difficulties in holding or utilising their own cup. The company supplies a range of ready-to-drink products in its groundbreaking Dysphagia Cup packaging.
03/02/21 02:51 PM - Comment(s)
Sustainable Vacuum Skin Packaging
Plantic Technologies is a Kuraray-owned bioplastics company. In response to demand from all quarters, Plantic developed high-performance packaging that utilises environmentally friendly plastics.
29/01/21 09:21 AM - Comment(s)
Pricing App
LIVEstock Pricing is a fast, simple and free pricing app for the Australian livestock industry. Getting the right information to those who need it, when they need it, saves time and empowers better decision-making.
22/01/21 10:40 AM - Comment(s)
Agricultural Technology
MPT AgTech builds smart machines for large-scale farming operations. By bringing an analytical focus to the agriculture sector, the company has solved an interrelated set of challenges presented by the currently available seeding alternatives.
20/01/21 11:52 AM - Comment(s)
Quality Tree Nut Products
Stahmann Farms produces, processes and supplies quality tree nut products for both domestic and international markets. Since creating the Southern Hemisphere’s first commercial pecan farm in the 60s, Stahmann has maintained a reputation for excellence driven by a philosophy of continual improvement.
14/01/21 10:21 AM - Comment(s)
Hand Crafted Beef Jerky
The team at Jim’s Jerky know it takes quality cattle to deliver a quality steak. That’s why they select only the finest Australian beef cuts to hand-slice and spice then naturally dry, to deliver the best jerky on the market.
07/01/21 09:53 AM - Comment(s)