When Brigid Woolnough and the team at KOKOPOD were searching for an alternative packaging solution for the boutique manufacturer’s high-quality handcrafted chocolate products, they inadvertently set out on a path to creating an entirely new product range.
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Snowy River Black Garlic is owned and operated by Mark Johnstone and Shelly Carroll. When the couple discovered black garlic while travelling through New Zealand, it sparked interest and they returned home to begin experimenting with their own crop.
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The Tasmanian Food Co offers a complementary stable of brands all performing at the top of their field; from ethical free-range chicken to rich creams and butters, smooth goat’s cheese to Australia’s own rare, fresh wasabi.
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By collaborating with other Sunshine Coast growers and producers, the team from Brouhaha Brewery has developed a localised circular economy it sees as the logical antidote to the unsustainable production that underlies the fast food consumption being practised on a global scale.
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Today, on International Day of Awareness on Food Loss and Waste Reduction, the Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre has released new data on Australia’s food waste.
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Repurposing waste to make new and interesting products is in the Grandvewe Cheeses DNA, with a focus on crafting innovative products that are both socially and environmentally conscious at the heart of the operation’s mission statement.
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