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Connecting Australian export-ready suppliers with qualified buyers in a virtual setting
FIAL’s Virtual Meet the Buyer events provide export-ready Australian food and agribusinesses the opportunity to secure a one-to-one virtual meeting with interested buyers in key markets around the globe.
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Food and Hotel Asia 2018
Singapore is Australia’s largest trade and investment partner in the ASEAN region. This relationship is particularly strong for the food and agribusiness sector.
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Gulfood 2020
Gulfood, held in Dubai, is the world’s largest annual food and beverage trade exhibition. In 2020, FIAL was pleased to play host to 11 Australian food and beverage businesses on the Australian stand
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New study highlights the need for Australian producers to take advantage of the growing global protein market.
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International expert to help fight food waste in Australia
With $20 billion of food wasted every year in Australia, the Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) has partnered with Woolworths and Food Innovation Australia Limited (FIAL) to bring international sustainable food systems expert Mark Barthel to Australia
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Interview: How The Smoked Egg Company grew with FIAL
FIAL caught up with The Smoked Egg Company to learn how their business is growing, understand how FIAL helped their growth and find out what advice they have for those starting out in the food industry
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National Food Waste Strategy - Feasibility Study announcement
Food and Agribusiness Industry Growth Centre, Food Innovation Australia Limited, has announced it will be funding and coordinating a $400k study to ascertain the feasibility of Australia’s target of halving its food waste by 2030.
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The Growing Case for Industry Collaboration
In celebration of Australia’s renowned ingenuity, FIAL has today published the fifth edition of its Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations.
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Gourmet Fermented Foods
Prior to establishing Spiralz Fermented Foods, founder Michelle Amor had a keen interest in health and in providing nutritious food for her family. When faced with a chronic condition diagnosis, Michelle chose to take a holistic approach, focusing on the link between gut microbiome and health.
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Wastewater Management
Bioaction has developed an alternative wastewater treatment method that utilises nanobubble technology to entrain higher rates of oxygen in wastewater, improving treatment efficiency and significantly reducing energy use.
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Gourmet Pickled Bamboo Shoots
Nestled in the hinterland of Queensland's glorious Sunshine Coast, the Big Heart Bamboo plantation produces fresh and ready-to-use gourmet pickled bamboo shoots.
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Gippsland Jersey Cultured Butter
With a rise in demand for locally sourced products that support homegrown industry, the creamy smooth goodness of Gippsland Jersey milk is just one of the secret ingredients in the company's cultured butter products.
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Clever Collaboration
The teams at Fable Food Co and Glass House Brewery on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast are collaborating to deliver exciting new products from the most unlikely partner ingredients.
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Ready-to-eat Gourmet Baby Leaf Mix
Gippsland-based Hussey & Co produces Australia’s finest gourmet baby leaf salad vegetables. By developing a business model that supports year-round delivery of quality product and focusing on continuous innovation, the company has evolved from grower to fully integrated food manufacturing business.
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Alternative Meat C
Life Health Foods brings together some of Australia's most innovative plant-based food brands.
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Greenview Smart Vineyard Technology
When Fiona Turner and her husband purchased Jinglers Creek vineyard in Tasmania’s Tamar Valley, she was inspired to use her background in technology to develop solutions that would enable better viticulture decision-making.
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NOMU Noms Sustainable Plant-based Chocolate
When Brigid Woolnough and the team at KOKOPOD were searching for an alternative packaging solution for the boutique manufacturer’s high-quality handcrafted chocolate products, they inadvertently set out on a path to creating an entirely new product range.
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Black Garlic
Snowy River Black Garlic is owned and operated by Mark Johnstone and Shelly Carroll. When the couple discovered black garlic while travelling through New Zealand, it sparked interest and they returned home to begin experimenting with their own crop.
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Premium Food Products
The Tasmanian Food Co offers a complementary stable of brands all performing at the top of their field; from ethical free-range chicken to rich creams and butters, smooth goat’s cheese to Australia’s own rare, fresh wasabi.
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Sustainable Brewing
By collaborating with other Sunshine Coast growers and producers, the team from Brouhaha Brewery has developed a localised circular economy it sees as the logical antidote to the unsustainable production that underlies the fast food consumption being practised on a global scale.
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