Nutrikane D - Blood Sugar Level Management

01/12/21 01:35 PM Comment(s) By FIAL

MediKane | Celebrating Australian Food and Agribusiness Innovations 2021

MediKane supplies natural plant-based functional foods to treat and prevent illness. When a product derived from sugar cane appeared to be delivering medical effects that defied existing literature, it warranted further investigation. 

NutriKane D contains the full spectrum of dietary fibres, resistant starch and a wide range of essential micronutrients. Developed initially to improve bowel health, the product was also found to have a notable impact on blood markers — a result that surprised the medical fraternity and the MediKane team. 

So began a rigorous four-year research process across three PhD streams to understand how the product works with the body’s biochemistry. The results were published and showed that NutriKane D improves the immune system, helps to control and reduce blood sugar levels (BSL) and assists in getting the body ‘back to normal’. This was followed by clinical trials on gut and bowel health, and further BSL benefit testing. 

Discovery of this unexpected attribute of sugar cane has led to several patents for the company and product evaluations have proven better results than other available options. NutriKane D's primary action is to ‘normalise’ the body and assist it in fighting off adverse conditions. As there is no available drug that cures or arrests diabetes — and a growing prevalence of type 2 worldwide — there is a pronounced market need for products that address BSL imbalances and promote better overall health. 

MediKane has participated in FIAL educational and networking sessions and attributes significant interest from investors and potential partners to its presence in FIAL publications, an endorsement that also holds sway with research facilities and other institutions. 

A 100% Australian innovation, the fully proven NutriKane D product is available throughout Australia, via a combination of online and retail outlets that feature fully trained staff. It is also exported to Thailand, China and the United States.