From droughts and bushfires to a pandemic, Australia’s food and agribusiness industry (Industry) has navigated major disruptions in recent years. These events aside, the Industry has an immense opportunity before it to deliver greater value for the Australian economy. We must look to invest and inno...

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Future growth of the sector cannot be sustained by productivity improvements alone. CSIRO Futures worked with FIAL and other industry and researchers to identify major growth opportunities and what the food and agribusiness sector needs to do to achieve them.
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An Overview of 16 Opportunities for Australian Food & Agribusinesses. The food and agribusiness sector is faced with a number of challenges and opportunities related to demand, supply, innovation, and regulation that will shape the evolution of the sector over the next 5-10 years
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Many consumers are increasingly basing their food purchasing decisions on the nutritional value of the products, particularly around the protein content. Food businesses must be kept up-to-date with the latest trends in health and nutrition.
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The TCI Network brings together organisations and practitioners to collectively advance the practice of competitiveness, innovation, and cluster development.
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Anuga is the world’s largest food and beverage trade fair. With 2019 being the 100th anniversary, the focus was on current trends, innovations and visionary concepts.
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Dr Michele Allan, Food Innovation Australia Limited’s (FIAL) Chair, joined Hon. Simon Birmingham, Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, on a recent trip to India and Sri Lanka.
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