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Resistant Starch Production Technology
Microtec Engineering Group has created a technology that converts native starch — such as cassava, potato, corn or wheat — into a resistant starch (a rich source of dietary fibre). It allows formulators to deliver confirmed health benefits to consumers.
01/12/21 01:35 PM - Comment(s)
Organic Sauces
Anni Brownjohn started making sauces in her home kitchen two decades ago that were naturally free from allergens, artificial flavours and colours. It soon became her passion to create tasty, healthy foods and cater for gluten- and dairy-free food options.
01/12/21 01:35 PM - Comment(s)
Freeze-Dried Edible Flowers, Bush Foods & Niche Herbs
Lizzie and Gianluigi Buscaino own Piccolo Farm, supplying edible flowers, bush foods and niche herbs to restaurants and boutique cake makers throughout Sydney and the Southern Highlands.
01/12/21 01:34 PM - Comment(s)
Edible Tree Nut Oils
Plenty Foods is Australia’s leading specialist manufacturer of high- quality cold pressed oils. Producing a diverse range using state-of-the-art press and filtration technology, the company has gained a reputation for supply of consistent quality products.
01/12/21 01:34 PM - Comment(s)
Camel Milk Skincare
Lauren Brisbane has grown QCamel into a flourishing business and the world’s only certified organic camel milk producer.
01/12/21 01:33 PM - Comment(s)
Seed Breeding Innovation
Radicle Seeds Australia specialises in breeding exceptional cultivars that meet the specific needs of growers. As grower-driven seed breeding innovators, the company finds cropping solutions that meet regional challenges and provide consistent long-term yields.
01/12/21 01:33 PM - Comment(s)
Ready-to-Cook Bagged Sweet Potato 
As New Product Development and Commercialisation Manager at Sweet Potatoes Australia, Cassandra Budd is charged with identifying new opportunities and markets to utilise the entire harvest.
01/12/21 01:31 PM - Comment(s)
Supply Chain Careers for Women
Wayfinder was established by Deakin University’s Centre for Supply Chain and Logistics in partnership with leading supply chain organisations, to break down the barriers and create a new talent and capability pipeline for women.
01/12/21 01:30 PM - Comment(s)
The Noongar Land Enterprise (NLE) Group is a not-for-profit, Aboriginal-led grower group. Based in Western Australia’s South West region (traditionally known as Noongar Boodja), it is the first group of its kind in Australia.
01/12/21 01:28 PM - Comment(s)
Seafood Aquaculture Innovation
Australian Bay Lobster Producers (ABLP) are using innovation and extensive R&D to create a high-value lobster product suitable for aquaculture. A successful FIAL funding application has given ABLP an avenue to continue R&D to create a state of the art sustainable supply chain.
29/11/21 01:43 PM - Comment(s)
Single-serve Australian wines in reusable and recyclable plastic cups 
Have you ever had a single serve wine while watching the football at a stadium, or even an music concert? Odds are you were enjoying a Wine in a Glass beverage. These single serve products are readily available across Australia.
12/10/21 01:12 PM - Comment(s)
Australian Family Business Going Global
There’s nothing better than an Aussie made pie, and it’s not just customers here that agree. Now exporting around the world - Garlo’s pies are making sure everyone has the chance to taste what all the hype is about.
29/09/21 11:43 AM - Comment(s)
Allergen Sensitive and Gluten Free Foods
Supported by FIAL, SalDoce Fine Foods are focussing their efforts on allergen sensitive individuals by expanding their exporting portfolio and generating connections all around the world.
21/09/21 08:44 AM - Comment(s)
Value-added Milk Products
Australia’s First Choice is generating meaningful international connections and expanding their export portfolio with the help of FIAL’s Virtual Meet the Buyer events.
06/09/21 10:55 AM - Comment(s)
Capitalising on export connections
Getting a foot in the door is undoubtably the first and most important step to introducing your products into overseas markets. Slim Secret’s Jamie Thurin discusses how important those initial conversations with overseas buyers are and how FIAL can help your business shape up and set them up.
18/08/21 11:31 AM - Comment(s)