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Integrated Agribusiness
Austgrains is evolving, capturing a forward-looking mindset and an emphasis on innovation to focus on the core strategic environmental, social and governance principles of its clients.
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Sustainable Beer Supply
KegSwappa is an online marketplace where breweries list kegs for sale in both 10 L and 20 L options, allowing customers to buy beer and swap out their empties. The overall aim is to minimise waste in the beer industry, particularly that associated with beer packaging.
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Food Production Wastewater Management
Bioaction is treating wastewater from food processing plants by utilising ultrafine bubbles to promote lasting oxygenation, reducing costs and the associated environmental impact.
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Food Heavy Metal Composition Testing
Macro Group is a supplier of wild game — chiefly kangaroo — meat, offering a range of products worldwide for both human and animal consumption in manufacturing, foodservice and retail forms.
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Gourmet Finishing Sauces
With the guidance of FIAL, Boutique Sauces upscaled production and created a range of shelf-stable products. The Boutique Sauces range comprises six savoury and two sweet gourmet finishing sauces, with more tasty creations currently in development.
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Happy Snack Healthy Snackfoods
Partner Foods has been developing and supplying their allergen free range of snacks products for over 20 years. Their products are developed to supply nutrient dense wholefood snacks derived using sustainable crops and processes.
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Krista and Rob Watkins have a history of turning waste into profits. Known fo their Natural Evolution brand of products including a gluten-free green banana flour, the pair have extended the line to deliver GUTHEALTH+, to support, enhance and promote gut health.
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Energy-Efficient Barrel Room Environment Conrol
Cape Byron Distillery has mastered controlling the barrel room environment to ensure their aged whiskey has the best flavour profile possible. With the help of FIAL, Cape Byron Distillery could replicate ambient temperatures and produce a cooler, more oxygen-rich environment.
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Upple Whole Drinkable Fruit
Upple stands alone in a new beverage category of drinkable whole fruit. Through innovation, whole apple seconds, lower-grade fruit and processing waste has been converted into a value-added everyday product that is rich in apple nutrients.
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Kelp and Seaweed Products
Although Kelp farming is common in other parts of the world, Sea Health Products owner Jo Lane believes her investigate farming is an innovative undertaking in Australia. The goal is to find a more reliable and consistent supply of Kelp for market.
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Bio Colostrum Powder
Thought to boost immunity, improve gut health and accelerate healing, bovine colostrum has proven to be a viable option for milk producers seeking alternative ways of delivering value to consumers direct from the farm. South Gippsland Dairy is currently the only colostrum manufacturer in Australia.
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Seaweed Snacks and Condiments 
Sarah Leung founded Alg Seaweed to address iodine deficiency by developing seaweed snack products. Although COVID-19 may have delayed the initial product launch, it gave Sarah time to step back and undertake solid customer research, rationalise the supply chain and finesse the product details.
01/12/21 01:53 PM - Comment(s)
Edible Insect Snacks, Treats & Protein Powders
From creating Australia’s first edible insect farm in 2007, Skye Blackburn has now established the Edible Bug Shop, which contains a range of products focusing on insects as the key nutritional ingredient.
01/12/21 01:52 PM - Comment(s)
Gourmet Fermented Foods
What began in a home kitchen, Spiralz Fermented Foods is now a fully-fledged business offering a range of clean, raw, vegan fermented foods and tonics that are gluten- and dairy-free. The Spiralz mission is to educate and inspire with a focus on the link between gut microbiome and health.
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Shima Wasabi
Committed to local growers and a paddock to plate ethos, The Tasmanian Food Co helps showcase the artisans and farmers blending cutting-edge techniques with age-old traditions to create some of the finest fresh produce in the world, opening up new markets for many small producers.
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Chilled Smoking Technology
The Smoked Egg Company has been involved in an exciting new technology which see raw eggs smoked in cool temperatures, extending their shelf life and introducing a deep smokey flavour to the eggs.
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Cultivated Meat Products
Vow is collective of innovators, engineers, scientists, artists and foodies working to reinvent food from the ground up. The team aims to create an entire food category that is sustainable, abundant and full of flavours and textures.
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Plant-Based Products and Ready Meals
Fable Food Co and Glass House Brewery are true partners in crime. Fable Food Co has created a delicious mushroom meat alternative and is now partnering with Glass House Brewery to create vegan and vegetarian meals to capture a wider audience.
01/12/21 01:47 PM - Comment(s)
Regional Gourmet Experiences
The Gourmet Coast Food Trail, with the support of FIAL, is promoting the South Coast region as an experienced-based destination. The company offers a variety of food and drink experiences to capitalise on increased consumer interest in provenance and food production methods.
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Plant-Based Cheese and Snacks
Grounded food is challenging the vegan cheese category, using a blend of hemp seed and cauliflower to create a product that has an excellent nutritional value, flavour profile and consistency.
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